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The Senate of College Councils serves as the official voice in academics for students at the University of Texas at Austin. Senate coordinates the efforts of the 21 College Councils and provides programming to bridge student faculty relations, positively impact the academic environment, and strengthen the university community. Through our eight committees, we aim to improve the academic experience through policy initiatives, annual events such as our Women of Color in Academia Panel and Post-Graduation Round Table, and resource advocacy.

The Fundraising Committee raises money towards our two endowments: The Senate of College Councils Endowed Scholarship Fund and the Senate of College Councils' William Powers Jr. Endowed Scholarship.


The Senate of College Councils Endowed Scholarship Fund currently partially funds two scholarship awards that we offer to the student body, which include:

  • The Study Abroad Scholarship: awarded to a student intending to enrich their academic experience through one of UT Austin's study abroad programs.
  • The Academic Improvement Scholarship: awarded to a student who has improved their GPA by at least .5 points since coming to UT, using campus resources.


The Senate of College Councils' William Powers Jr. Endowed Scholarship currently assists in funding the other scholarships:

  • Awarded to those who have had a major contribution to the university and are heavily involved within their community.

We are hoping that by increasing the endowment amount, we will be able to further support our current scholarship awards, as well as additional scholarships such as:

  • The Undergraduate Research Scholarship: awarded to a student participating in interdisciplinary research during their undergraduate career at UT Austin.
  • The Non-Traditional Student Scholarship: awarded to a student who comes from a background as a transfer student, international student, veteran, parent, or first-generation student.


We need your support!

The Fundraising Committee is entering its fourth year as a permanent standing committee. As of now, our Senate Scholarship Endowment Funds only partially sustain the $1000 award for the Study Abroad Scholarship and the two $500 awards for the Academic Improvement Scholarship. Additionally, the goal is for the Senate of College Councils' William Powers Jr. Endowed Scholarship to be able to fund additional scholarships for a greater number of students. By donating today, you are investing in the future of driven and passionate students and opening up the potential for more scholarship of this type and quantity to be offered in the future.


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There are 22 College Councils represented within Senate. Your donation is supporting scholarships for students across campus.


Student Advocate

$45 represents the percent of students at UT Austin who are receiving financial aid. With this donation, you are directly contributing to scholarships for deserving students across campus.


Admirable Supporter

You are an advocate for student resources. Your donation matches the year 1973, the year the Board of Regents officially recognized the Senate as UT Austin's student representation in academic affairs.


Honorary Senator

There are 118 members in Internal Senate. Thank you for contributing to the causes that they advocate for.


Legislative Legend

You are a legislative legend! Your donation of $286 corresponds to the number of bills that Senate has passed as an organization.


Your Voice in Academics

Your support allows us to continue serving the UT Austin student body as their official voice in academic affairs. One $500 donation equates to one scholarship awarded. Thank you for allowing us to connect deserving students with financial accessibility.

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