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UT Beautification Council

Women Beautifying the UT Austin Campus

Who We Are

Spend just a minute on campus and you’ll quickly see how The University of Texas at Austin is an immense and beautiful world all its own—with massive live oaks that provide shade and the natural beauty that defines the Forty Acres. 

UT Beautification Council is a dedicated group of women, who strive to maintain and enhance the beauty of the UT Austin campus through projects that support the University’s vision for a beautiful and welcoming campus for everyone.  We believe that students, faculty, staff, and alumni deserve a beautiful campus.  We also believe that the UT Austin campus creates a first—and perhaps lasting—impression for prospective students, faculty, and important individuals who UT wants to attract.  Although UT Austin has no shortage of applicants, The University competes with other institutions for top undergraduate scholars, graduate students, professors, and gifted student athletes.  

The Texas Constitution established The University with a mandate to create a “University of the first class.” UT Beautification Council strives to ensure that beauty of the campus embodies this mandate.

What We Want to Do 

Originally, the UT Beautification Council focused its efforts on many projects to enhance our campus’ beauty. We restored hand railings along San Jacinto Boulevard, power washed the planters on both the East and Main Malls, replaced old newspaper boxes, created beautiful planters at the Main Building, Texas Memorial Stadium, San Jacinto Boulevard, and on Dean Keeton Street. 

Now, the UTBC has unanimously voted to focus all efforts and resources on the University Avenue Project to make the biggest impact on campus. We consider this University Avenue project to be our groups’ legacy as it will become the heartbeat of the campus. UTBC will oversee all stages of this project and will work to maintain it at a very high quality over future year.  All of our dues and donations will go directly to the flowers and upkeep of the landscaping every year, as well as the goal reaching our endowment total to support the project in perpetuity.

In short, the UT Beautification Council’s mission, through financial support of past projects and the signature University Avenue project, is to enhance the experience of everyone who visits, studies, or works at UT Austin by creating a more beautiful and welcoming campus.


Board Members and Executive Committee Members of UT Beautification Council will be invited to meet twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring – to reconnect with the campus and plan and receive updates on beautification projects for the coming year.  Meetings will feature University speakers who will outline the status on current and future projects.  We will then tour the campus and vote on projects to complete based on available funding. 

UT Beautification Council also allows members to reconnect with old friends, meet new friends, and remain active within the UT Austin community.  Meetings will be an opportunity for women from all over Texas to stay up to date with The University, tour campus, and just have fun! Following the meeting, there will be a reception for members to socialize. 


New membership levels for 2021-2022 school year have been prorated to 50% of their standard rate!

35 and Under Board Member - $250 

Board Member - $500

Mothers and Daughters - $750

Give your daughter or daughter-in-law the opportunity to be on the UT Beautification Council! This level includes your Board Member membership, plus the membership for your daughter or daughter-in-law (under 35), and includes all the benefits of the Board Member level for both of you.

Executive Committee* - $2500

Have the opportunity to plan meetings, review pictures of potential projects, interact with University staff, help recruit and retain members, and organize presentations.  Plus an invitation to two meetings on the UT campus that will include presentations, a campus tour, the opportunity to vote on potential projects, and an invitation to the post-meeting reception.

Any daughter, daughter in law, or granddaughter is included as a member at this level

Your contribution may be tax deductible and made to The University of Texas at Austin, a 170 (c)(1) organization.

These beautiful silk and cashmere scarves, commissioned for UT Beautification Council are available for purchase with proceeds going back to the Board. Members interested in the scarf please contact Randi Stanford at RStanford@stedmanwest.com or 713-366-3009.


For those interested in mailing a contribution please write the check out to The University of Texas at Austin and put UT Beautification Council in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to:



P. O. Box 7458

Austin, TX 78713-7458

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