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First Gen Longhorn Program

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2 days left!

December 03, 2018

Hello everyone! We are so close to reaching our fundraiser goal  at 87%. With only 2 days left, we are just shy of $1,910. Remember, your donations will go towards scholarships, study abroad programs, and resources that will directly benefit our first gen students. 


As always, we thank our wonderful donors for your contributions to our initiative. Continue to share with your friends and family about our initiative and goal!! Thank you & Hook em!




November 30, 2018

We're in the HOMESTRETCH with only 5 more days left in our campaign! Thank you to our incredible donors who have helped us reach 83% of our goal!  We currently have $12,590 but please continue to share our link so we may not only reach our goal but surpass it!!  


Check out how Braulio Martinez has turned adversity into opportunity in our #firstgenspotlight post!


We'd like to thank everyone again for your continued support of our first gen students. Your contributions will help aid the success of current and future First Gen Longhorns and we are eager to see them achieve new heights! 


Please continue to share our campaign and our student's stories with your consituents and remember to stay updated by following us on Instagram @firstgenlonghorns and Twitter @1stGenLonghorns. Hook em!


14 days down, 16 more to go!

November 19, 2018

Hello everyone! To continue providing insight to our supporters on the success of our first-gen students here at UT,  one of our First Gen Longhorn Student Team Members would like to share her story with you!


In the fall of 2017, Amber Richard arrived at the University of Texas at Austin as a first-generation student taking the plunge and commencing her college career on the Forty Acres. During her freshman year, she had difficulty integrating herself with campus organizations and forming a social support system, as she juggled between school and three jobs. By the end of her spring semester, she began to burnout, as she became physically exhausted and mentally unstable. This year, through her involvement with the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence, Amber has increased her engagement on campus and is exploring different opportunities for academic and professional enrichment, such as research and internships. Acquiring valuable research experience has strengthened her drive in becoming a researcher and attending graduate school. She desires to pursue a doctoral degree, concentrating on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Amber is a sophomore, special education major striving towards ensuring equity, inclusion, and access to services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, through community programs and educational services.


Please share this story with your constituents and remember to stay updated by following us on Instagram @firstgenlonghorns and Twitter @1stGenLonghorns. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

9 days down, 21 left to go!

November 14, 2018

Friends, the First-Gen Longhorn Team wanted to share this story of one of our very own student team members with you all today. He is a first-generation student and is sharing his story to not only inspire others just like you to support our initiative but also to show how a first gen Longhorn can be successful while at UT!


In the fall of 2016, Christopher Mendez started his academic journey at The University of Texas and made history by being the first in his family to attend college. Despite being eager to bleed burnt orange, Chris had difficulty transitioning from a small town to a prestigious university located in a big, bustling city. This shock factor resulted in him having poor academic performance and feeling lost at UT. Over time, he received support from his family and friends and on-campus organizations like the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence and the Texas Advertising Group helped him find his place here on the Forty Acres. It was through these resources that Chris was able to persevere and carve a path toward his future academic and career goals. With the help of the First Gen Longhorn Program at UT, he plans to accomplish one of these goals by studying abroad in Japan this upcoming summer. Currently, Chris is a junior advertising student whose love for brand storytelling and graphic design has influenced him to pursue a career in advertising with a focus in art direction.


Please share this story with your constituents and remember to stay updated by following us on Instagram @firstgenlonghorns and Twitter @1stGenLonghorns. Thank you & Hook em!


7 days down, 23 left to go!

November 12, 2018

Hello, everyone! Our First Gen Initiative HornRaiser campaign is now live! It has been quite a pleasure seeing all the generous donations that are coming in from our First Gen supporters and to you we say Thank you! 


Currently at 21%, we are now on our way to achieving our fundraising goal! To see firsthand how your donations are empowering first gen longhorns, check out this article in the Daily Texan highlighting the success of a first gen UT graduate, Javonna Hamilton. 


Spread the word and give today!


Remember to stay updated by following us on Instagram @firstgenlonghorns and Twitter @1stGenLonghorns. We will be posting new content and updates throughout the HornRaiser campaign. Thank you again & Hook em!

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The First Step

College is the first step for many first-generation students to change the story of their lives. Thank you for supporting the initiative’s goals, and efforts of first-generation students.


Creating an opportunity

This will give an opportunity for first-generation students to join a group or organization.


Join the Community

Your donation will help build a dynamic learning community where first-generation students can self-select many learning opportunities based on their desire to participate.


Empowering First-Gen Students

$100 can help provide opportunities for first-generation students to explore research and leadership opportunities.


Bridging the Gaps

Your gift will help fund future programming and services that will increase the chances of success for first-generation students academically, personally, and professionally.


Pay it Forward

A donation of $500 can give a scholarship to a first-generation mentor/ambassador or our freshman and sophomore first-generation students.


Achieving New Heights

A donation at this level can pay for a plane ticket for a first-generation student to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, Beijing, China, or Costa Rica.


A Place Called Home

Your donation will help the Initiative Program create a student learning community space for first-generation students so that they may have the chance to study and develop relationships with each other.


Investing in a Legacy

Investing into a first-generation student will not only impact their immediate family but will also make a profound and significant impact on their future.

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