Voces of a Pandemic: Documenting the Latina/o experience


There’s no doubt, 2020 has been a year like no other...

As of October 3, 2020, the pandemic has taken the lives of 207,302 Americans and counting. In the midst of this tragedy, the data has revealed a disturbing narrative that the Latina/o community is being disproportionately impacted, from loss of life to job displacement.

Voces of a Pandemic has organized an ambitious multi-university research collation to document the first-hand accounts of the impact on our community, from families hit by COVID, to frontline health care workers, the stress on essential workers, as well as the impacts of job loss in the recession.

Early on, Voces set a primary $20,000 fundraising goal – and a secondary goal of 100 donors.

We’ve reached our first goal and THANK YOU to our generous supporters!

Now we’re reaching to that finish line – to get those 100 donors. The 100-donor goal demonstrates to the world that we have broad support. It’s a significant number. 

The funds will be used to:

  • Process the interviews with accurate transcripts and indexes
  • Gather data and share the impact of this pandemic on Latina/os in the United States
  • Post the interviews on our website to share these important stories

See Topher's and many other interviews of men and women sharing their stories on our YouTube channel.  To see completely processed interviews (with transcriptions and indexes matched to the video, visit our website

Voces is the leading Latina/o oral history center in the country, serving as an archive for researchers, academics, documentarians, educators and more. When we see history through the eyes of others, we appreciate the many contributions and sacrifices that form our nation’s story, a story that cannot be told through only one point of view.

Thank you!

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