Texas Theatre and Dance 2020/2021: del corazón nace el enjambre

All tickets for the Texas Theatre and Dance 2020/2021 Season are pay-what-you-can with a minimum donation of $5.00.

Texas Theatre and Dance 2020/2021 Season: del corazón nace el enjambre


Conceived and directed by Erica Patricia Saucedo 


del corazón nace el enjambre is a virtual retelling of the tale(s) of la cucaracha. Existing as the second installment of an iterative performance practice that asks what brownness does in the world, this dance-theatre work lives within a digital ofrenda - an online altar space that collects dance, text, images, objects and music to bring forth an offering for the future. 

Through embodied research and performance, this process picks up the philosophical questions jose Estebán Muñoz proposes in his posthumously published book, The Sense of Brown. What does brownness do in the world? What does it perform? And, what is the sense of the world such performances engender? Activating the cockroach as a time-traveling hemispheric avatar, this practice interweaves stories of self-metamorphosis, resistance and revolution to wonder how attuning to brownness might expand possibilities of freedom. 


March 22-28, 2021 

Please note that access codes will be sent out prior to all performances March 22-28, 2021. Your access code will allow you to view the performance at any date/time during the course of the week. Upon purchasing a ticket, you will receive two confirmation emails: the first confirming your gift receipt and the second outlining information on how to view the stream. Access codes will function as your virtual ticket and will be sent out in a separate email prior to the performance. If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly at megan.bommarito@austin.utexas.edu.  


In an effort to promote accessibility, all Texas Theatre and Dance performances in the 2020/2021 Season will be available at pay-what-you-can pricing. 



Erica Patricia Saucedo is a movement artist, educator and scholar based in Austin, Texas. A current M.F.A. in Dance candidate at The University of Texas at Austin, Saucedo's research is a curious exploration and celebration of brownness. By crafting practices of (re)embodiment, Saucedo strives to find ways to interrogate and reframe static notions of race, gender, sexuality and physical ability embedded in popular narratives of the Americás.


Texas Theatre and Dance is pleased to present a truly unique 2020/2021 Season to meet these exceptional and unprecedented times. The power of theatre transcends the stage through a collection of digital performances, including a powerful exploration of social justice through contemporary dance, heartbreaking stories of loss across the border, an investigation of humanity and technology through movement and a series of all-new works presented as part of UTNT (UT New Theatre). 

In addition, Texas Theatre and Dance is a proud participant of The JUBILEE, a year-long, nationwide theatre festival featuring work generated by those who have traditionally been excluded – including, but not limited to artists of color, Native American and Indigenous and First Nations artists, women, non-binary and gender non-conforming artists, LGBTQIA2+ artists, Deaf artists and artists with disabilities. 

Above all, we are committed to the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and audiences. Due to the uncertain nature of our current times, all performances dates, times and presentation details may be subject to change. We plan to offer clear and frequent communication regarding updates related to performances and our plans to ensure safety for our shared community.

Thank you for your continued support of Texas Theatre and Dance.

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