UT New York

Out-of-the-box education, career-enhancing internships and curated experiences

UTNY is an internship-first experiential learning program that provides registered UT Austin students the opportunity to live, work and learn in one of the most dynamic metropolitan cities in the world.

Students intern in a field related to their interests and study with UTNY faculty in courses tailored to the New York urban environment. In addition, students are also provided opportunities to network with New York tri-state alumni and industry leaders, as well as take part in numerous self-led activities that will enrich their understanding of New York City throughout the term.


“The city is like poetry; it compresses all life, all races and breeds, into a small island and adds music and the accompaniment of internal engines.”

~ E.B. White



The UTNY Campus

UTNY is a launchpad for students and their futures. Headquartered in Manhattan with close proximity to Broadway, Wall Street, and Madison Avenue, UTNY allows students to explore business, communication, media, and the arts while living in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.


Working in NYC:

The UTNY internship program opens up opportunities for those majoring in marketing, management, finance, acting, theater, studio art, art history, economics, government, global business, journalism, radio-television-film, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, and more. Those pursuing minors in business, communication, arts management, and administration will also find a great fit in the UTNY program. 

Learning in NYC:

For UTNY students, learning is never confined to the four walls of the classroom. Every day, students apply concepts through collaboration. Project-based learning directly translates to real-world internship experiences. Along with your cohort of peers, you will experience New York City while learning “urban literacy” – taking advantage of the locales, institutions, resources, and expertise of local industry professionals – to enhance living and working in the city.

Living in NYC:

UTNY immerses you in a wide range of cultures, making studying and living in New York City a unique international experience. The city’s fast-paced lifestyle finds balance as a world-renowned capital of culture and innovation, with access to hundreds of museums, galleries and performing arts venues.

For more information about UTNY, please visit https://utny.utexas.edu/ 

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