Eyes on the Sky

Your gift to Eyes on the Sky will create awareness, as well as experiential learning courses that can then be developed into something that can make a global impact. So far, $28,748, has been raised!

Eyes on the Sky Teaser -- Take a look!

May 14, 2021


Thanks for your support! Last night at the Texas Immersive Showcase, we launched the teaser for the Eyes On The Sky project, produced as the accumulative end-of-semester project of the Integrated Media Studio class at UT Austin, led by Sven Ortel.

This teaser will give you an idea of what we imagine the build of the SkyDome will look like and give you insight into creating the mixed reality experience with Moriba Jah.

Take a look! Share with your friends! And, thanks for your support in creating this experiential learning opportunity for students and helping us communicate the wicked problem of Space Junk to the public.


Erin Reilly

Executive Producer

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