Staff Emergency Fund

Gifts to the staff emergency fund help staff members at The University of Texas at Austin. 

Staff Emergency Fund

We never know when unexpected hardships may hit, but thanks to the Staff Emergency Fund, UT Staff Members are able to get the resources they need to get through tough times. 


The Staff Emergency Fund provides limited financial assistance when UT staff members are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of a temporary hardship related to an emergency situation. This services is funded primarily through the generosity of the UT staff community, and we need your help to ensure that Staff Emergency Fund can meet the rising requests for emergency funding. 


Your gift to the Staff Emergency Fund can make all the difference in the lives of your fellow staff members. Donations will help support staff members like... 


Chérie Amour Pittman

Marketing Coordinator, Office of the Dean of Students

When Chérie was unexpectedly hospitalized for a week, she was grateful to be a UT staff member with health insurance, but she knew that there were going to be associated costs with her hospitalization that she had no idea how she was going to pay for. When the bills started arriving and she had to purchase pricey medication, she felt overwhelmed and scared. As a single-person household, she didn't have a support network to help her get through this financial hardship. Thankfully, her boss recommended that she apply for a Staff Emergency Fund grant. 


"I felt a lot of anxiety because of my situation. I wasn't prepared for the additional medication, expenses, and co-pays from the hospital. If you are considering donating [to the Staff Emergency Fund] I would say absolutely because you never know when it's going to be you." 


Fran Peña

HR Administrative Associate , LBJ School of Public Affairs

Shortly after Fran was diagnosed with a mental illness, she checked herself into a mental health hospital for her own safety. The ordeal was hard enough to recover from without the mounting bills that weren't covered by insurance from an ambulance ride to medications and more. Thankfully she heard about the Staff Emergency Fund and applied for a grant to help cover some of the costs. This allowed her to take the time she needed to get better without added financial stress. 


"To go through what I did along with getting better, it just doesn't help when you have the burden of hospital bills. I felt so much relief after receiving a Staff Emergency Fund grant, like a huge burden was taken off of me."  


Elsa Ramos

Senior Financial Aid Counselor, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid


After falling on her kitchen floor and breaking her arm, Elsa faced a series of medical problems, including damaged vertebrae, that necessitated time-consuming and expensive operations and recovery. As a single-person household, she didn't have anyone to help her through her physical and financial struggles. When she heard about the Staff Emergency Fund, she applied and was overjoyed to receive a grant to help ease some of her financial woes. 


"Being in that situation financially, it doesn't allow you to concentrate on getting better. You're so worried about everything else - about all the little details like 'how am I going to buy my medicine?' and 'am I going to be able to afford physical therapy?' I didn't know what I was going to do so I decided I'd apply [for a Staff Emergency Fund grant]. I don't know what I would've done without receiving this. It really felt like I was supported by my community." 

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