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Support Dell Med's innovative community health programs like grocery delivery, mobile care, mental health outreach and more.

We do health differently.

At least 80% of health is shaped by factors outside the doctor's office like access to financial resources, safe housing, healthy food and job opportunities. 

At Dell Medical School, we take these factors as seriously as education, research and clinical care. That’s why we deliver healthy food to families, mail cancer screening kits across Central Texas, provide on-site, integrated health and social care for people experiencing homelessness, and more. We’re working to improve health beyond the four walls of our clinics — meeting you and your neighbors where you live, work, eat and play.

Through more than 40 community health programs outside the clinic, Dell Med is improving health in the landscape of your life. We call this collaborative effort healthscape, and it’s revolutionizing how you get and stay healthy.

Building a healthier community, together

We all play a vital role in the healthscape, and your gift today paves the way for a healthier, more resilient community. Together, we can transform the health of everyone who calls Central Texas home. 

Your gift of any size helps us: 

  • Provide critical resources like grocery delivery, mobile care, mental health outreach and more. 
  • Test new devices, tools and systems that will make you healthier.
  • Broaden our network of partners that share our vision for a healthier community.
  • Build a vibrant health ecosystem, starting in the places and spaces we call home.

Your support helps Dell Med improve health for our whole community. Thank you!

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