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Send Texas Taekwondo to Collegiates


Welcome to Texas Taekwondo! We are a UT Sports organization that is dedicated to to encouraging growth, discipline, and a healthy community through the practice of martial arts - specifically Olympic-style taekwondo sparring - and we strive to provide a friendly and supportive environment for our members to grow as athletes and people. 

Since its establishment in 1997, from our humble beginnings in Gregory Gym, Texas Taekwondo is now the 2nd largest UT sports club and a widely acclaimed Taekwondo program with student athletes competing on all stages, from Boston, to Canada, to China, and even being invited to compete at the USA Taekwondo Olympic training center. Thanks to generous donors and supporters over the years, we’ve been successful in providing our members with the necessary tools to improve their skills. As a result, we are now consecutive 2x Collegiate National Champions and are training hard to defend our title this spring in 2022. 

However, the Texas Taekwondo club and competition team face significant expenses such as travel costs, equipment purchases and maintenance, competition fees and more. This makes it difficult for many of our members to attend Collegiates despite their months of intense training. As an organization that takes pride in helping our athletes grow, we want nothing more than to provide the opportunity for all of our members to compete and showcase their skills as well as create memorable moments of sportsmanship and family at this year’s Collegiates.

Your generosity - no matter the size - will help us send our esteemed athletes who trained diligently all year and throughout COVID-19 to bring back home another consecutive win at this year's National Collegiate Championships.

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White Belt

Donating this amount or higher gets you a shoutout on our Instagram @texastaekwondo! Thanks for donating! White belts represent purity - a clean slate, ready to be taught and filled with knowledge.


Yellow Belt

The yellow belt represents gold, meaning truth. It is important that an individual be truthful to themselves, as it eliminates conceitedness and introduces personal contentment.


Green Belt

The green belt represents growth. Growth is normally associated with changes that we must accept even if they may cause feelings of insecurity. Growth is essential for living.


Blue Belt

The blue belt represents the sky or the ocean. The color blue depicts the mental depth or maturity of an individual. We cannot see how deep the sea or how vast the sky is, but that does not mean that's all there is.


Red Belt

The red belt represents the sun's brightness and the physical acts of the individual. It is only through physical activity that an individual is given identity through their mental depth and capabilities.


Black Belt

The black belt combines all of the belt colors and thus represents all of the various concepts of each belt color. It represents the commitment to the value system of the colors and the dignity that comes from pride in oneself.

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