Support a world-changing UT research initiative

Be part of discovering causes and cures for diseases, generating solutions to global challenges, and creating new technologies to improve the human condition.

Support a world-changing UT research initiative

UT is proud to be one of the leading research institutions in the world. Your gift will help our researchers discover causes and cures for life-threatening diseases, generate actionable solutions to global challenges and create new technologies to improve the human condition. 

Gifts to Change the World

  • Critical supplies for labs    $100
  • Conference travel expenses for graduate students to present findings    $500
  • Acquisition and maintenance of major equipment    $1000
  • Critical seed funding for new lines of inquiry    $2,500

"A lot of us who do research aspire to have a meaningful impact for human health and the economy with what we do. And UT, with the support of generous donors, provided a foundation for having a real impact with our work. My team had what we needed, and we were prepared when the pandemic hit to provide technology that the U.S. vaccines all use."

-Jason McLellan, Ph.D.*

*Jason is a faculty member in UT's Department of Molecular Biosciences who was part of the scientific team behind a consequential invention that helped create a strong antibody response to the coronavirus. To date, hundreds of millions of people across the globe have been immunized against COVID-19 with vaccines that use the spike protein technology that Jason and his team developed. 

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