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What The Funds Will Be Used For

  1. This semester we are back in the office! Our office has been abandoned for the past year and a half. We are asking for your donations to spruce up the place, buy supplies, cleaning materials and other COVID conscious safety items. 
  2. This year, the Travesty has a video department! Video equipment and video production is expensive and we are asking for your donations to purchase the necessary equipment.
  3. Every issue has a theme. For the past few issues, we have had to use our own money and creativity to create the props we need. We are asking for your donations to purchase these items.
  4. Travesty merch! The Travesty is an organization that we are grateful to be a part of and happy to represent. We are asking for your donations to be able to purchase merchandise for the staff and wear it with pride.
  5. In general, we are asking for your donations to be able to benefit the organization we love in every way possible. We would love to raise enough money to have social gatherings, treats and gifts that bring our staff together and make them feel appreciated.

Who We Are & What Our Goal Is

We are the Texas Travesty. The Texas Travesty is the official humor publication of the University of Texas! Since 1997, our organization has been creating and distributing satirical content for everyone to enjoy. We are an organization of about 20 staff members and we take a lot of pride in the work we do. Yes, writing satire may sound like a lot of fun, because it is! However, it can also be more challenging, thought provoking and time consuming than some might expect. The good thing is that we love everything about it!

Our goal is to raise $3,000 dollars for our organization! Humor is definitely necessary, potentially now even more so than ever. We want the Travesty to be on more people's radar and to be something that everyone can enjoy. In order to accomplish these goals and ambitions, we need your help (and your money).

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Word In The Issue

Every issue that we publish includes lots and lots of words. Donate to have a word published in an issue!


Social Media Shoutout

Check us on on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you donate, we would be more than happy to give you a shoutout.


Choose Student Of The Month

Every issue, the Travesty selects a student of a month. Donate to be selected or to elect your own Student of the Month.


Since 97 Entry

The Travesty was born in 1997. Since 97's are lines we include in each of our issues. Donate to have your "since 97" included in an issue.


Joke In The Issue

Donate to have a joke included in the official humor publication of the University of Texas!


Personalized Thank You Video

If you donate this much money to our organization, we would be so incredibly grateful. We would be happy to thank you in a personalized video!

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