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Row Across Texas

Who is Texas Crew?

Texas Crew is the nationally competitive co-ed rowing team at the University of Texas.

As the home for over 75 rowers, we are both the largest club sport at the University of Texas and among the largest rowing programs in the country. We get up at 4:30 a.m., six days a week, to make it to practice by 5:15, regardless of the weather.   Texas Crew is led by an elected executive board whose responsibilities range from recruitment, budgeting, organizing national travel for a large team, as well as the hiring and evaluation of paid coaching staff. From Chattanooga to Boston, we represent the University of Texas in the highest levels of competition.

Our Story:

For over half a century, 

Texas Crew has had a remarkable history as the representative for not only the University of Texas but the state of Texas in the sport of rowing. Since its founding in 1969, Texas Crew has fostered an environment for adventurous spirits to fall in love with the sport of rowing, regardless of athleticism, exposure, or experience.  Although the scope of this team reaches far and wide with rowers from all different disciplines and backgrounds, the unified vision of pursuing a higher level of performance and achievement is relentlessly pursued.  

In the face of adversity,

This team has demonstrated grit and persistence.  In 2013, all odds seemed to be against Texas Crew.  The team was evicted from the boathouse it had called home for two decades for the construction of a new hotel.  Dock access became a luxury; the team was left having to launch boats by walking waist-deep into the water under Interstate 35.   Unrelenting thunderstorms and flash flooding caused over $30,000 worth of damage to now vulnerable equipment. The loss of a place to call home and severe equipment damage struck the team to its core. Recruitment was severely impacted and the team failed to field enough new members to replace those graduating, putting the team into a steep retraction.  With a new home at Texas Rowing Center, this program has completed a remarkable turnaround. Through four years of fighting tooth and nail and many sleepless-nights-blurred-into-early-practices later, the team has reemerged from the passionate group of 20 rowers, to a powerhouse of over 75 dedicated men and women, committed to a vision of excellence at the national level. Back in its stride, Texas Crew brought home five medals from the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship and a total of 40 medals at national competitions in the past season. However, Texas Crew is not immune to tragedy. In the summer of 2018, the Texas Crew trailer was involved in a fiery accident on the road to a regatta. Several racing boats and the trailer itself were lost beyond repair, and the team has worked tirelessly since the accident to restore its fleet to racing condition. Our final obstacle was that our head coach left us right before the 2021 season. Even through all of the hardships Texas Crew has faced, the students of Texas Crew will continue to push forward with high hopes for the national championship this coming spring.

Our Vision:

Like the university and state with which we share a name, Texas Crew is big, bold, and ambitious.

We have our sights set high, specifically to light the tower orange by bringing home a national championship victory. However, this cannot be accomplished alone.  

It takes eight perfectly synced rowers to move a boat forward; it will take your support to move this program forward.

With your generous support, we have been able to maintain our competitive edge by expanding our fleet and performing critical upgrades and repairs over the past few years. During this campaign, we aim to raise $15,000 to allow us to ensure our fleet has the capability to support the next generation of rowers.  This will be accomplished by conducting a thorough fleet maintenance campaign and purchasing a new 8 person racing shell.  This funding will allow us to keep Texas Crew accessible as well as keep our fleet ready for rowers to proudly compete for the University of Texas on the national stage.


Texas Crew is a student run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and every donation will be tax-deductible.

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Novice Rower

Receive a social media shout out and thank you via Facebook and Twitter! (A $25 donation will pay for the tools needed to fix boats)


Varsity Rower

Receive a handwritten thank you card from novice and varsity captains (A 50$ donation will pay for a full uniform)


Novice Captain

Recognition on the Texas Crew Website (A $100 donation will help pay for footplates)


Varsity Captain

Receive a team picture signed by the team captains and coaches (A $250 donation will get us a new cox box mic)


Champion Coxswain

Receive a personal video from Fundraising Co-chairs and Executive Board (A $500 donation gets us a new cox box)


Novice Coach

Your name will be placed on the seat of one of our boats (A donation of $1,000 will help pay for a set of 4 oars)


Head Coach

Your name will be placed on two oars (A donation of $1,500 will help pay for two rowing machines)


Bronze Medalist

You and the names you wish to honor will be placed on a set of oars (8) (A donation of $3,000 will help pay for a set of 8 oars)


Silver Medalist

Your name or the name you wish to honor will be placed on a 2-person boats (A donation of $7,500 will help pay for a new equipment set of weights)


Gold Medalist

Your name or the name you wish to honor will be placed on a 4-person boat (A donation of $10,000 will help pay for a new single boat)



Your name or the name you wish to honor will be placed on an 8-person boat (A donation of $15,000 will help us get a new 4-person boat!)

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