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Improving Mesquite Flour Production in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Improving Mesquite Flour Production in Oaxaca, Mexico

Who We Are

¡Bienvenidos! We are the 2021-2022 PUC Mexico Team! 

Projects with Underserved Communities (PUC) is a year-long, project-based class in which engineering students are teamed up to work with an abroad community. This year, we are partnering with Tejiendo Alianzas, an NGO in Oaxaca, and the Santiago Suchilquitongo community in Oaxaca, Mexico. We are working with the NGO and community to identify and prioritize the needs of the community, and then design a project to fulfill those needs. Finally, in the summer, the team will travel to and stay with the community while implementing and overseeing the completion of the project, all while developing meaningful relationships with the locals whose lives the project actually impacts. We aim to gain hands-on experience in a global setting combining technical engineering and service.

Our team! From left to right: Simon, Hannah, Richard, Katelyn, and David

 Why We Need YOU

While we will work hard throughout the year to plan our project, we can't do anything without the help of the community, which exclusively funds this project. Every donation, every share, and every comment will bring us closer to our goal of raising $15,000, which will go towards project expenses such as raw material purchases, contractor labor, and technical advising services. 

Please consider donating, spreading the word on social media, or even becoming an ambassador for our project. All donations are tax-deductible.

The Impact

Donating to this project, would not only mean the improvement of mesquite flour production, but also the betterment of the lives of the hard workers that make the process possible! Our project will allow the community to produce more mesquite flour by decreasing the annual loss of necessary raw materials. In doing so, not only will the community benefit but there will be more mesquite flour available!

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Planting the Seed

The average mesquite pod has 25 seeds which are extracted and cooked, milled for its flour, and even used to make beer!


Fourty-fying an Economy

There are 40+ species of mesquite tree. Our project will help Suchilquitongo utilize species in their region that haven't been harvested before.


Tree of Life

There are 7 different species of mesquite trees native to Texas and northern Mexico!


Healthy Progress

Mesquite is packed with nutrients! Ground pods are between 11-17% protein!


Supporting the Community

The population of Oaxaca is approximately 300,000 people.


Mapping Out the Future

Santiago Suchilquitongo is 1 of 570 municipalities in Oaxaca, and we are looking forward to visiting and working with the community on our project!


Un Mil-agro (Miracle)

Miracle plant or superfood? Mesquite pods are full of nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, and zinc!


ExSEEDing Expectations

This generous donation will help our project exceed expectations and create economic independence within our partnering community!


The Entire Project!

Your contribution will cover the cost of the entire project!

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