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Halcyon Rocket

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Texas Rocket Engineering Lab's Halcyon Project: a Liquid Bi-Propellant Rocket to the Edge of Space

Texas Rocket Engineering Lab (TREL) is an interdisciplinary laboratory of over 230 UT Austin Students in the engineering, communications, business, and natural sciences schools. TREL was founded as an incubator for space innovators in late 2018 in a partnership with Firefly Aerospace through the University of Texas at Austin. Our current project, Halcyon, is a 30+ ft rocket that will be the first collegiate student-designed and built liquid bi-propellant rocket that is launched to the 100 km Karman Line, officially outer space!  

A launch of this ambition is something that has never been achieved by collegiate engineers in history. The Halcyon project is an extremely complex "tool" with which we (the Lab) teach how an engineering project works within a real-life aerospace corporation: from financials, to procurement, from intense design and analysis, to planning integration and testing operations, and finally marketing it all to the outside world: we learn to do it all. 

We would love it if you would donate to our project today! It would have a huge impact on our ability to continue to build Halcyon

With money from donors, we will be able to expedite our testing and hardware build timelines. Without your support, Halcyon launch might be pushed back even further as we have to wait to procure hardware to qualify.

The Halcyon project involves a litany of subteams, all coordinating in our goal to launch our rocket in 2022:

  • Avionics Hardware
  • Avionics Software
  • GNC (Guidance, Navigation, & Controls)
  • Control Systems & Test
  • Fluid Systems
  • Propulsion
  • Payload
  • Recovery
  • Structures
  • Systems Integration
  • Hot Fire
  • Fluid Component Testing
  • Stage Testing
  • COPV Burst Testing
  • Weather Balloon Testing
  • Launch Operations 
  • Communications
  • Outreach
  • Finance & Strategy

Each of these teams has a crucial role to play in building the vehicle you see above. 

TREL has spent money previously on establishing world-class collegiate rocketry testing infrastructure (also pictured!) and hardware that enables a hands-on experience for student engineers, finance, and operations specialists. We are working to emphasize fabrication, test, and validation as we move rapidly in the next two semesters towards the operation of our Halcyon launch vehicle.

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Holy smokes! $1,000?! A donation of this kind will help us out with end-to-end testing of our major flight components. This gift will include a sneak preview of our rocket (what we can show legally!), a Q&A with our engineers, a TREL t-shirt, and an official Halcyon sticker signed by one of our members.

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