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Get to know Texas Guadaloop, and help us get to European Hyperloop Week!

Who are we?

We are Texas Guadaloop, the University of Texas at Austin's official hyperloop research, development, and competition team! Here at Guadaloop, we perform a multitude of operations that revolve around the goal of bringing hyperloop technology to the world. Hyperloop is an emerging transportation system popularized by Elon Musk that will one day transport humans from location to location at extremely fast speeds, whilst also being safer than air travel, more economically viable to travelers than traditional travel methods, and more sustainable for the planet.

While it may seem like our subject matter is technical only, Guadaloop is not just an engineering team. Our talented members consist of a diverse array of students majoring in engineering, computer science, business, economics, math, physics, psychology, and more. Our organization is broken down into three broad teams: Engineering, Business, and Media. Within each team are sub-teams that work on specialized tasks, whether they be designing mechanical systems for our pod, coordinating finances and outreach events, or maintaining social media platforms. Our goals are wider than technically innovating; we want to change the world. That takes a multidisciplinary team of future leaders who won’t stop until they transform transportation.

As such, we pride ourselves on two things: our diversity of talents, and our breadth of ambition. 

And, above all else, our team strives to cultivate a culture of innovation and grit. We work tirelessly and passionately, and approach all our goals with forward-thinking mindsets and a thirst for progress. We also treasure our time spent together, and it is not uncommon for team members to make lifelong friendships with one another as they shape the future. Becoming a member or supporter of Guadaloop means becoming a part of a family, and taking part in pushing for a cause that will one day transform life on Earth as we know it!

Guadaloop has won multiple awards for UT in the past, including two Innovation Awards at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competitions, and most recently, First Place in the world for National Instrument's Engineering Impact Awards. 



A Mission to Change the World

Over the next year, we hope to create a hyperloop pod to compete at the European Hyperloop Week conference in July 2022. We are completely transforming our old pod by incorporating cutting-edge innovations like linear induction motors, magnetic levitation, and regenerative braking. No university team in the world has ever demonstrated a pod with our planned features. We’re ready to burst onto the world stage, guns blazing, Texas-style.


Support Us

We need your help to make our dreams a reality. Your funds will go directly to sending Guadaloopers to Delft, Netherlands to compete at European Hyperloop Week! It is crucial that we present at EHW—for our research, for our community, and for our team members. The more funds we can raise, the more teammates can attend and grow from an unforgettable, life-changing experience. Thus, any donations that we can get to make our attendance at the competition a reality would be immensely appreciated!


What starts here changes the world. Hook 'em.

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