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Brighten the Futures of Malnourished Children in Guatemala

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May 25, 2017
We're in Guatemala! The team arrived earlier this week and has begun work on the solar energy system for Hermana Edna's children's malnutrition clinic in the community of Llano de Jesus in the department of El Progreso. We will be posting daily updates to our blog and will be sharing photos more informally through our team instagram and facebook accounts (@pucguatemala2017) for the duration of our two week trip! Follow along with the links below:

Spring Updates & 2nd HornRaiser

March 01, 2017

Although it has been a while since we have posted an update, the project has progressed significantly since our HornRaiser campaign ended, and we are here to tell you about all the things we have accomplished!

  • The energy company Lux Aeterna was selected as our in-country supplier of all materials related to the solar panel system
  • The system component specifications of our solar energy system have been finalized
  • The specifications of our ground mounting system for the panels are now being designed in correspondence with our suppliers
  • Our group received approval from our overseeing entities to begin sending funds to our partners at Asocacion Proyecto Uno (AP1), that will be used to fulfill contractual needs, and for appropriation of materials
  • Fundraising efforts have continued after we did not meet our $15,000 HornRaiser goal during the fall; we have had one successful profitshare with Pluckers, and have another scheduled. We also moved past the pre-screening step for a grant we applied for this January!
  • We have started to develop a plan for our community activities which we will implement during our trip - which the team is VERY excited about!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has continued to support us throughout this endeavor.  If you have any specific questions about our project, or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us at You can show your continued support by keeping up with us on our Facebook page, our website, or by donating to our current HornRaiser campaign. We will post another update soon where you will be able to watch us give our Milestone III Presentation & learn more specifics about our project!


Emily Hannon

Project Manager | Team Guatemala 2016-2017


The Final Countdown

December 21, 2016

We are completing the home stretch of our HornRaiser campaign with 17 hours left to raise the remaining $3,969! So far, we have had 143 generous donors raise a total of $11,031, which is unbelievable! The support and encouragement we have received throughout the duration of our campaign is unparalleled. 

You can help us finish out our campaign strong by sharing our HornRaiser, Facebook page, or website. Thank you all for your generosity and support.

We hope you all have happy holidays and a wonderful new year!


Thank You, 

PUC Guatemala 

End of Semester Update

December 19, 2016

Since the last update from Team Guatemala, the team successfully gave their Milestone II Presentation to the Service Learning Advisory Board (SLAB) and gained further feedback that has helped us move forward with our project. Our Milestone II presentation was the last major milestone for the Fall 2016 semester, right before we begin winter break!

Soon after Milestone II, the team took a break from technical work to go back to being students - by studying for final exams! After enduring a long, grueling period of finals, the team has transitioned into their new roles for next semester and is working on finishing out our HornRaiser campaign and contacting other partners for potential funding. Thank you to our Project Manager, Sebastian Farkas, for leading the team throughout the semester. His leadership has brought our team together in an unprecedented way and was critical to the early success of our project. Our new team roles for next semester are as follows:


Project Manager - Emily Hannon

Assistant Project Manager/Fundraising Lead - Sebastian Farkas

Technical Manager - Danny Debes 

Technical Manager - Desi Friesenhahn 

Community Engagement/Team Building Facilitator/Group and Community Manager - Lucero Huayhua 

Quality, Safety & Risk Manager - Keerat Baweja

Cost, Resource & Schedule Manager - Tom Blaney 

Travel Logistics & Infrastructure - Gauri Bora 


Now that we all have one semester under our belts, we are all ready to tackle winter break and the spring semester with new goals and new challenges. Over the break, we are continuing our team meetings via Skype on a weekly basis, and we continue to meet with our partners at AP1 to develop our designs, work plan, and plans for community engagement as we prepare for project implementation in the summer of 2017. The team is hitting it hard on the fundraising right now to have a strong finish! Our HornRaiser campaign ends at 9 AM on December 22nd, which is in a whopping 3 days! We still have $5,459 left to raise. As always, a warm thank you for lending your much needed support and for being invested in our project.


Team Guatemala 


Here is a photo of our team during our first early AM Skype meeting over the winter break. Our members are truly dedicated and passionate! 

Week 3 Update

November 27, 2016

Team Guatemala would like to thank all of you who have generously donated to our campaign to install solar panels for Hermana Edna's malnutrition clinic! We hope all of you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. 


We are now entering the fourth week of our HornRaiser campaign! So far we have raised $3,555, which is 23% of our $15,000 goal. We have 23 days left to raise $11,445 to meet our goal! Please share our HornRaiser campaign, Facebook page, or website with your friends and family so we may share our project with others and make a positive impact on the lives of Guatemalan children suffering from symptoms of chronic malnutrition. 

Team Guatemala continues to be hard at work throughout our HornRaiser campaign. Here are a few updates on what the team has been up to during the past two weeks:

  • We arranged and attended a tour of a newly installed solar panel system with the LCRA here in Austin, and learned specifics about the installation process and different types of technologies regarding mounting systems and inverters. You can see some photos from our trip below!

  • The team has continued to consult professionals about different technologies regarding solar panel systems so we may choose the best system for Hermana Edna and her staff. We have been working hard to determine the pros and cons of different inverter systems, considering their costs and potential energy losses.

  • We have been preparing for our Milestone II Presentation to the Service Learning Advisory Board (SLAB), which we will be giving tomorrow! We will be detailing several portions of our project, including our technology review, budget, and plans for the winter break coming up soon.

As always, thank you to all of our donors and supporters for supporting our project and our goals as a team.We would love to hear from our donors if you have any questions or comments about our goals and our progress. Please feel free to e-mail us at for these inquiries!


Many thanks to our generous supporters,

PUC Guatemala


Week 1 Update: Hard at Work & THANK YOU!

November 13, 2016

As Week 1 of our HornRaiser campaign is coming to a close, PUC Guatemala would like to thank all of our generous donors and those of you who have aided in our cause. We cannot thank you all enough for your support as we move forward in the phases of our project. At the end of Week 1, we are 9% funded, but we still have a long way to go! We have 38 days left to raise the remaining $13,523 required to meet our project goal. We are hard at work writing grant proposals and sponsorship inquiries so that we may meet our goal. We would like to expand our network as much as possible, and you can help us by sharing our HornRaiser page, website, or Facebook page to spread the word about our work and read more details about our progress.


Over the past week, PUC Guatemala has been working hard to expand our fundraising network, finalize grant proposals, and conduct more research into the different types solar technology and ground-mounts for solar energy systems. We have been in contact with Guatemalan-based solar energy providers Lux Aeterna and SolarGuat to discuss the necessary components of a grid-tied system, the installation process, and a detailed list of materials so we may refine the budget for our project. On Friday, our team led a presentation and several discussions on cultural humility and service learning, which helps us learn how to have a real, positive impact abroad. In the midst of our extensive research and planning, we have been preparing for our Milestone II Presentation to our Service Learning Advisory Board (SLAB), which is an advisory board of our mentors, technical advisors, and other PUC program coordinators, who give us feedback on our progress as we move forward. In short, PUC Guatemala is always hard at work, and our team members are getting closer and closer to meeting our goal!


As a team, we would love to hear from our donors if you have any questions or comments about our goals and our progress. Please feel free to e-mail us for these inquiries!


Many thanks to our generous supporters,

PUC Guatemala

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Volcán de Agua

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Santa María

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Volcán Tajumulco

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One of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala. A donation of $5000 would cover one-third of our project cost! For your exceptional kindness, we would like to send you a thank you video from the community in Guatemala!


Volcán de Fuego

One of the most active volcanoes of Central America. Your donation of $10000 would cover more than half our project cost! For your unparalleled benevolence, we would like to send you daily video updates during our project implementation time!

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