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Home to Texas

Home may be where the heart is, but for a lot of Texas college students, home isn’t on their list of places to go once they graduate. And whether you call this phenomenon an “emigration of talent” or “brain drain,” the effect is the same:

Small-town Texas communities are losing a significant talent base of future professionals and leaders.

That’s why the IC2 Institute, the School of Undergraduate Studies and Texas Career Engagement created the Home to Texas program! 

Now in its fourth year, Home to Texas gives The University of Texas at Austin students the chance to head home the summer after their freshman year to complete a full-time paid internship and to engage in community research. 

The goals of Home to Texas are three-fold: 

  • to develop a strong professional foundation early during the student’s UT experience;
  • to build connections for a potential future in the student’s home community; and 
  • to help prepare the next generation of community leaders.

We’re asking members of Longhorn Nation like you to help support student interns before March 31! 

When you give, you’ll be a part of changing the world, one Texas hometown at a time. 

So please, give generously today!

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