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Projects with Underserved Communities: Costa Rica 2022-2023

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PUC Costa Rica 2022-2023

Who Are We


We are Team Costa Rica 2022-2023 for UT’s Projects with Underserved Communities (PUC)! PUC is a joint partnership between the Cockrell School of Engineering and the Steve Hicks School of Social Work that provides students like us with the opportunity to design and implement a community-driven international project. Our team consists of 7 members from the Cockrell School of Engineering, and we are proud partners with Siempre Amigos, a local non-profit organization, helping the community of Lorena in the Guanacaste Region.

The Project


In Summer 2023, our team is heading to Lorena village. The last two Costa Rica teams have successfully implemented a drainage system around the soccer field that could stand up to the region's rainy season, and a staircase which gains access for the primary school for gym classes and any future implementations of the pavilion. All this centers around Lorena's Community center and soccer field. With many visiting teams to Lorena's renovated soccer field, our project will be centered around the construction of changing rooms for home and visiting teams in order to provide privacy for teams and avoid any damages or complaints received from the Community Center's facility.

Our Partners

For the fourth time in a row, UT PUC Costa Rica will be partnering with the local NGO, Siempre Amigos! This non-profit organization has been running since 2011, with a mission to focus on the low-income region of Guanacaste. Being partners with Siempre Amigos allows us to stay in contact with the Lorena people and address their specific needs. With their support and with the support of our advisors, we hope to make long lasting improvements to continue the growth of Lorena village and its success with the soccer field. 

Kids in Lorena enjoying their time on the soccer field

What you can do!

Your help and contribution will be vital for the success of our project. We are committed to raising $15,000Any amount will be greatly appreciated or you can donate through our levels on the side! All donations will go directly toward the construction funding of our project. Other ways to support are sharing our message with your friends and family, following our journey through social media, and becoming an ambassador today for our project!

¡Gracias y Pura Vida!

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The Tree

Costa Rica's National Tree, Enterolobium cyclocarpum, has large branches covering a large area like an umbrella with its leaves and can grow to height of 30 meters. It is also known as the Guanacaste Tree


Hot and Hot!

In May, the max temperatures in the Guanacaste Region averages 93°. Time to pack some sunscreen!


Project Area

Our project for building the changing rooms structure is about 376 sq. ft.!


It's Raining, It's Pouring

The average monthly rainfall in Guanacaste is about 67.8 inches!



The Flamingo Beach, which is about a 30 minute drive from Lorena, is about one mile long or 5280 ft!

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