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TEWH Fundraising to Develop Low-Cost Medical Solutions

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Empowering Global Health: Texas Engineering World Health's Mission

On behalf of Texas Engineering World Health (TEWH), I invite you to join hands with our organization for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year.

TEWH is a dedicated group that pioneers innovative technological solutions for developing nations, while simultaneously emphasizing STEM outreach to cultivate the next cadre of scientists and innovators. Every year, we design technology-based solutions that have a profound positive impact on health in resource-limited areas

Our community, now comprising over 200 passionate engineers, is expanding, and with this growth comes a surge in activities aimed at expanding our reach and efficacy. Our vision is to bring life-changing technologies to those who need them most, while fostering a community of socially conscious engineers and researchers. To achieve this, we are launching new initiatives for collaborative research, community engagement, and educational workshops. These initiatives not only strengthen our impact in global health but also provide invaluable experiential learning opportunities for our members.

By partnering with TEWH, you will be directly contributing to our mission of bridging the gap between advanced technology and healthcare accessibility. Our efforts go beyond just project execution; we are nurturing a generation of engineers who are as compassionate as they are skilled, ready to tackle global health challenges with innovative solutions.

This year, our fundraiser supports six innovative projects:

  1. Autonomous Transportation and Search and Rescue via Drone: Aiming to ease transportation of medical goods in developing areas, this project focuses on creating a dual-mode drone (piloted and autonomous). It will enhance team skills in object detection, 3D printing, and engineering design, ultimately benefiting the developing world.
  2. Low-Cost Transportable Incubator for Preterm Infants: Addressing high infant mortality, we're developing a low-cost, power-independent incubator to facilitate the safe transport and surgery transition for preterm babies, also reducing skin irritation from electrodes.
  3. Water Filtration: Targeting waterborne pathogens in developing nations, our project involves a novel approach to water treatment using coagulation, adsorption, and membrane filtration.
  4. EEG Analysis and Material Design: This project tackles EEG electrode dryness and noise sensitivity, focusing on creating better scalp adhesion materials and advancing EEG data analysis.
  5. Promoting Gentleness in Pediatric Congenital Heart Surgery: With a high complication rate in heart surgeries, we aim to create a cost-effective device for surgical skill assessment and real-time haptic feedback, suitable for use in developing countries.
  6. Low-Cost Pathogen Detection: We're designing a low-cost diagnostic method for pathogen detection (e.g., malaria, TB), akin to an at-home COVID test, addressing the lack of lab resources in the developing world.Machine Learning Informatics with Portable Ultrasound: Enhancing cardiac disorder diagnosis, this project involves training machine learning models on portable ultrasound data, making advanced medical technology more accessible in developing nations.

Significant Past Awards:

  • Our Machine Learning Based Leukemia Detection Device was the 2021 EWH 1st Place Winner
  • Our Neonatal Incubator Through Repurposed Hardware was the 2023 EWH 2nd Place Winner
  • Research Paper "From Seeing to Knowing with Artificial Intelligence: A Scoping Review of Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Low-Resource Settings" Published in 2023
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