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Bloodthirsty Fiends

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Thank you so much!

April 30, 2017

Hello everyone, and thanks so much for supporting! We've been recovering from the fundraiser combined with the completely sold out week of shows, but expect your personal thank-yous very soon. We can't even begin to express how thankful we are, but we'll try anyway! Check the video out below, and please do stay in touch.


The entire (exhausted) Bloodthirsty Fiends team


April 18, 2017

Hey everyone! Thanks SO much for your support - we have had an unbelievable run of Bloodthirsty Fiends! The show was so popular at the Cohen New Works Festival that we were asked at the very last minute to do an extra show. We're so happy that all of the folks who waited in line for hours were able to get in to see the production, and we're absolutely floored by the response we've been getting.

There are only 3 days left to donate - for those of you who already have supported us, first of all, THANK YOU! Making art like this is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, and making the show free to everyone is an amazing opportunity...with your support, we've been able to make this all happen and a very high level of polish, and we're so incredibly thankful!! We hope that this won't be the last time we do this thing, so you're investing in our future as well.

We can still use your help! Please let your friends, neighbors, neighbors' friends, neighbors' dogs, friends' friends, about this project. Share on Facebook, Twitter, forward this email, go shout from the roof of your office! We only have THREE DAYS left, so let's power through to the end.

If you're seeing this and you have yet to donate, please consider doing so! It's completely tax-deductible, and helps support young artists striving for a career connecting with their audiences and making meaningful and relevant work!

Thanks so much!!

The Bloodthirsty Fiends production team


Bloodthirsty Fiends is taking shape!!

March 19, 2017
Hey friends and generous supporters! Since we launched this project, so much has been happening in the Bloodthirsty Fiends production dungeons! Since last you heard from us, Grendel has grown horns, Beowulf and Grendel's​ mother have had some disagreements, and our robot army has been hard at work building set pieces. More updates to come soon! Please help us out by sharing with as many folks as you can - we can use all the help we can get! Many thanks from the Bloodthirsty Fiends team
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The legendary, magical blacksmith who made Beowulf's armor - help us build ours! We'll thank you on Facebook!



Just as Unferth lends Beowulf the ancient sword Hrunting to defeat evil, lend us your aid so our project can achieve greatness! A personal thank-you e-card and Facebook post!



You are a mighty timber in our kingly mead hall! A hinge in the great door of the King of the Geats! Your name in our program!



The only one to stand by Beowulf's side and battle a dragon! You can help us stand up to our challenges. A personal thank-you card from one of us, and your name in our program!


Scyld Scefing

Just like the mythical founder of the Danes, you can help us found Bloodthirsty Fiends! A signed production photo, plus your name in our program!



Queen of the Geats! You are royalty amongst our supporters. We'll send you a personal thank-you video! Plus your name in our program, with a personalized message!



Beowulf's uncle and King of the Geats! Come to a rehearsal to check out the work in progress. Plus your name in our program, with a personalized message!



King of the Danes, builder of the great hall of Heorot! Your majesty is unparalleled. A guaranteed seat at a show of your choice, plus ALL of the perks from ALL the other levels!



All hail Beowulf, he who has rid the land of the great scourge of Grendel! You have rid our project of all constraints! invoke will come to your Austin/central Texas house and present an exclusive concert in your living room! (If you live further out, talk to us! We like road trips.) Plus ALL the other perks from ALL the other levels!

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