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Making progress

November 24, 2017

Over the past few weeks, TEWH members have been making progress towards creating a bili-light incubator prototype!


We have achieved displaying temperature and humidity readings on an LCD screen, and we have set up several of our new high-accuracy temperature probes to record temperature simultaneously. Our next goal is to calculate and display a weighted average of these new temperature readings. It is important that our incubator can monitor temperature very accurately to ensure a newborn's safety.


Some TEWH members are in the process of designing a digital model and a real-life, mock-up of the incubator's casing. Also, we have some TEWH members designing experiments to test the intensity of the bili-lights that we will be implementing in our design, while other members are analyzing different temperature control systems that we may use in our incubator. 


We are still on track to generate some preliminary data before winter break begins. We plan on sending out at least one more update before the semester ends, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks!


- Stratos Maragoudakis

And we're off!

November 06, 2017

Today marked the first prototype meeting of the semester! We began to build the circuit that will monitor temperature in the incubator and display that temperature to the user on an LCD screen. We also started writing the code for the circuit and researching equipment that we will be buying soon for the incubator. For now, we are looking to get better sensors, to increase the accuracy of our measurements, and a better screen for our users to interact with. 


TEWH is incredibly grateful for the support we have received thus far. Our current goal is to have a rough prototype with some preliminary results finished before finals begins.


Finally, donors we will be rolling out perks later this week so keep an eye out for them soon!


-Stratos Maragoudakis

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With $5, you're making a noticeable impact on our project. You'll get a shout out on our Facebook and Twitter!

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Engineering Supporter

$10 will get us different supplies, assorted electronic components and sensors, and the bili-light LEDs necessary for our incubator. You will receive a spot on the donor wall of our website!

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Project Supporter

With $25, you've just bought us a microcontroller! The microcontroller is crucial to maintaining and operating our incubator, and we can't design our project without it. For this donation, you will receive a personal email from us here at TEWH.

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Framework Provider

With $50, you've provided us with the materials for building the casing and the power supply for our prototype incubator. As it's intended use is in the developing world, the incubator must be rugged and robust to continue functioning, so we need to invest a lot into this portion of our project. For this amount, you will receive frequent email updates on our progress after every general meeting.

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Prototype Provider

Wow! With $100, you'll have paid for a complete iteration of our prototype, as well as the necessary testing. This is truly incredible, as we'll need to run a lot of tests to make sure that the incubator is as safe, robust, and efficient as possible. Your name will go on the back of our TEWH T-shirt, as a reminder for your contribution.

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TEWH Sponsor

For $300, you have fully paid for our project submission to the Engineering World Health Design Competition. For this enormous contribution, your name will be put on the final prototype. Thank you.

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