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Help DKA Cinematic Society get Equipment

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Help DKA Cinematic Society get Equipment

What is DKA?

            DKA is a student-run, professional, gender inclusive, cinematic society here at UT Austin. Founded in 2013 here at The University of Texas, the Lambda chapter of DKA is part of the National Delta Kappa Alpha Professional Cinematic Fraternity (even though our own chapter is no longer a fraternity) that expands to twenty colleges around the country. Not exclusive to film studies majors, DKA welcomes men and women, undergraduates and graduates, who are dedicated to fostering lifelong character, collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business practices, philanthropic action, and fraternal bonds by and between students of the cinematic arts.  


 What We Do

            Every Spring and Fall semester, our members receive grants to produce short films, documentaries, music videos, and any other type of cinematic content that we can think of that eventually go on to enter festivals around the country. As a society, DKA hosts industry education workshops and events, such as our 512 Film Festival and CineFair job fair, to place our members in professional settings and encourage personal growth. We also support our charity partner, SeriousFun Children’s Network, by organizing events such as a Puppy Kissing Booth/Bake Sale, Benefit Concert, and Movie Trivia Night.

           Our members gain valuable experience in writing, directing, production designing, producing, gaffing, casting, and editing media. We follow industry standards and guidelines to ensure that our sets are safe, efficient, and professional. We pride ourselves on providing our members these opportunities to learn and grow, and we would love for you to help us be better filmmakers.


Our Goal

            Everything done in DKA is funded by students and the generosity of donors like yourself. Our goal as an organization is the continual betterment of ourselves and society through our art. Every semester we are graciously given the opportunity to produce short films, television pilots, and everything in between by supportive individuals, but each year we see a majority of this money raised going towards equipment rental fees. Almost every piece of equipment used on DKA sets and workshops is from outside rental sources, meaning more than half of a small film’s budget is spent solely on basic equipment needs. These extra rental costs take away from other important costs that go into productions, such as paying actors, production and set design, location fees, and travel expenses, and makes it difficult for us to teach others about our passion for filmmaking. By donating to our campaign, you are giving us access to lighting equipment, camera support, audio equipment, and basic gear that is essential to our growth as filmmakers and future entertainment industry leaders.


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Allen K. Dallas

Allen K. Dallas was the lead Founder and first President of Delta Kappa Alpha Professional Cinematic Fraternity during its creation in 1936.



DKA Banquets were once ranked among the top 3 distinguished and celebrated events in Hollywood alongside the Academy Awards.


Golden Circle

Following the format of "Why, How, What," DKA inspires action by calling members to define a purpose, dictate a process, and achieve results with their projects.


The Farmer's Tripod

The key values of every DKA member: Selflessness and Loyalty, Constant Learning and Adaptability, and DIY Inventiveness and Problem Solving.



Our national service partner gives kids with serious illnesses the opportunity to enjoy life and gain confidence at summer camps.


Wizard of DKA

Herbert E. Farmer's careful preservation of records as archivist and historian during the formation of DKA at USC allowed for the Fraternity's rebirth in 2009.

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