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Ready Set Go

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Ready Set Go

In life it seems we are always absorbed with the idea of finishing, be it a race to our degree. We are so concerned with what it looks like to finish that we may not think of who even gets to start. For the past few years, The Guides of Texas at the UT Visitor Center have emphasized and encouraged students to do the Longhorn Run. They even had practice sessions during the weeks that meetings weren’t held!



It was up to the student to decide whether or not they would or would not participate, but when Amie Jean was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis it seemed fate had made the decision for her. With fatiguing muscles, nerve pain, and muscle deterioration on her left leg, running was not an option. In fact, due to her change in gait functionality, she physically cannot run and uses a wheelchair as a mobility aid. Patrick Olson, her supervisor at the UT Visitor Center, had experience and a passion for running and was aware of the marathon lifestyle. Growing up near Boston, a marathon city, Patrick had observed a runner pushing his son and knew hope was not lost for Amie. He believed she had the opportunity to both start and finish the race with a racing chair.

Photos with Daily Texan taken by Ashley Ephraim



They were excited but soon found out the racing chairs were very expensive, ranging from $1500-3500. With help from Ainsley’s Angels of America, who provided a chair on loan, Patrick, Dylan (whom they recruited for more help),  and Amie were able to complete the Longhorn Run. They even finished within the top 50! We want UT to have chairs of their own so all students, no matter their difference in ability, know they can participate fully supported. But we can't do it without your help. 


Will you help us finish this race with the funding we need to ensure every student at UT can fulfill this dream?


Amie, Patrick, and Dylan taking off at Longhorn Run 2018 taken by RecSports


Choose a giving level


Make No Mistakes Pay Brakes!

A full marathon is 26.2 miles! Each racing chair comes with brakes to ensure safety when moving downhill for all racers. Slow down and take a picture with us after LHR2019!


Practice at Clarke Field

A 10K (Longhorn Run) is 6.2 miles! We got some practicing to do! Join the racing teams in the spring on Clarke Field!


Wheely Close to One Wheel

Each chair has 3 wheels specialized for optimal use on the road. This chair is unique! And the wheels are wheely awesomw!


Go horns, paint orange

In 1977 Team Hoyt, creator of the racing chairs used was started. They have an awe-inspiring story that informed Patrick of the possibilities during his time in Boston. We want an orange one! We bleed orange!


You’re Number Run!

On 4/13/19 we'll be at the starting line and you've helped us reach the finish line. Each chair is pretty expensive for the, so every dollar counts. Generous donors like you will make our students' pursuits reality.


We'll have a grand time!

OOOh were going to have a grand time!


Were Halfway There!

Half a mile value is worth half a chair!


In it for the Long Haul!

There are 5280 feet in one mile. This amount also covers an entire chair with some change for repairs!

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