Provide Urgent Relief for UT Students in Need

Make an immediate difference for the UT students struggling in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. So far $1,853,055 has been raised for our students. 

Provide Urgent Relief for UT Students in Need

When COVID-19 changed the lives of students at The University of Texas at Austin, the UT community rallied as only Longhorns can. As we continue to deal with the challenges of this pandemic, many students still need your help.


Your Gift Goes Directly to a Student in Need

The coronavirus pandemic has had unprecedented impact on communities around the world, and UT is no different. But our Longhorn community is resilient. Since April 2020, more than 4,000 alumni and friends have donated to the Student Emergency Fund, which has helped more than 3,500 students persevere.

But our job is not done. Many students are still feeling the impact of lost wages and an uncertain future. The Student Emergency Fund will continue to serve as a vital resource.

Your support is critical to UT students' health, safety and academic success.

A gift to this emergency fund helps provide:

  • Funds for textbooks and other course materials to help students stay on track for graduation.
  • Medical and mental health service reimbursements and coverage for students impacted by COVID-19.
  • Funds for groceries to support students facing food insecurity.

All funds raised will be administered and distributed by the university’s Student Emergency Fund to ensure equity and support for the students in greatest need.

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