Support Emergency Funding for UT Students

Your gift will be matched! Make an immediate difference for the UT students struggling in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. So far $638,307 has been raised for our students. 

Across the Half-Million Mark for UT Students in Need

April 03, 2020

Thank you, Longhorn Nation. In the 10 days since we began our campaign to support UT students impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, you have generously given over $595,000 to provide support for Longhorns in need.

As of April 1, UT’s Student Emergency Services team has:

  • Received emergency fund applications from 1,053 students.
  • Allocated $250,898.88 to support basic needs like rent assistance, food and lost wages.
  • Allocated 159 computers and $60,852 to support other technology needs like wifi access so students can continue their spring coursework.

 We’ll continue to post weekly updates here and on UT social media to share how your gift is helping UT students.

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