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Brighten the Futures of Malnourished Children in Guatemala

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May 25, 2017
We're in Guatemala! The team arrived earlier this week and has begun work on the solar energy system for Hermana Edna's children's malnutrition clinic in the community of Llano de Jesus in the department of El Progreso. We will be posting daily updates to our blog and will be sharing photos more informally through our team instagram account (@pucguatemala2017) for the duration of our two week trip! Follow along with the links below:

Future presentation to overseeing board and other important dates

March 07, 2017

Hello Everyone


Since our last update a significant amount of progress has been made by our team on the fundraising on technical portions of the project.

In terms of fundraising several updates have occurred. Our hornraiser has now reached 75% of its goal, which means we need just less than 500 dollars to reach our goal of 2,000 dollars. Our profit share done in collaboration with Pluckers was also a great success, raising around 200 dollars, which will all go directly towards project costs. I am also very proud to announce that our grant proposal to the Pollination Project has now passed the pre-screening process. This is a huge accomplishment as less than 50% of grant proposals to the Pollination Project make it to this point! In total our group has raised over 13,500 dollars towards project expenses. I want to thank each of you all for any donations you've given, this project would be possible without the support of each of you. We do have a few dates of interest coming up for profit shares, where a portion of your proceeds will go towards to project expenses.

Cabo Bobs:

Where: 2828 Rio Grande, Austin, TX 78705

Date: Wednesday, March 22nd

When: 6:00 - 9:00 pm


10,000 villages:

Where: 4803 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX, 78756

Date: Thursday, April 6th

When: 5:00 - 7:00 pm


In terms of technical updates you can see them all this coming Wednesday, 3/8/2017, where we will be presenting our milestone update to our overseeing advisory board.

When: 3/8/2017

Time: 5:00 - 6:00pm



Thank you guys for the continued support, please don't hesitate to contact us at with any questions!

If attending the Cabo Bobs profit share be sure to present the following coupon. no additional actions are required by customers if attending the 10,000 villages profit share.


Project Update 2/25/2017

February 25, 2017

Hello everyone! We are nearing 40% of our projects remaining goal and are making strong progress in our projects technical and social aspects!

In terms of fundraising we are having our profitshare at Pluckers this coming Monday. If you plan on attending, please be sure to tell your server before ​ordering that you are dining to support PUC-Guatemala. Be sure to bring your friends and come support our team. This profit share is a great time to meet our team, and ask questions about the project. We look forward to seeing everyone who can make it.

  • Location: 2222 Rio Grande Austin, TX 78705.
  • Date: February 27th 
  • Time: 6pm - 12am

The technical aspect of our project has progressed considerably since the last update. After many conversations with our in-country contacts we have begun to design our own panel supports. We have received preliminary designs from Luxaeterna ( our solar energy supplier), and are reviewing and altering the designs. We are also determining the optimal fence length and panel support height, to make the optimal cost effective system. Our group plans to present our projects advancement, and submit our 60% design submittal, to our overseeing board within the next two weeks.

In terms of in-country community engagement, our group has begun to develop the specifics of what issues we will address in country, and how we will address them. We have come up with ideas that incorporate nutrition, hygiene, and gardening education. The idea is to inform the families of the children attending the clinic about what malnutrition is, and what causes it The families will then be educated on what healthier nutritional alternatives available to them are. We plan to incorporate gardening into our plan, by teaching them how to grow affordable healthier foods that are available in the region.  


Thank you guys for all the support thus far! If you have any specific questions about our project, or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us at

New hornraiser!

February 21, 2017

First of all, we want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to our last HornRaiser campaign, which successfully raised over 11,500 dollars towards our project! It is heart warming to see the level of support our group received. This project could not be possible without the support we have been receiving. Despite the success of our last campaign, we did fall short of our goal by a few thousand dollars. This second campaign is being run in order to make up the difference in funds, so that the entirety of the projects material and labor fees can be met.


Since the last HornRaiser Campaign our project has progressed considerably.

  • After reviewing several bids, Luxaeterna was selected as our in-country solar energy supplier.
  • The system component specifications of our solar energy system were determined.
  • The specifications of our ground mounting system for the panels are now being determined
  • Our group received approval from our overseeing entities to begin sending funds to Guatemala, that will be used to fulfill contractual needs, and for appropriation of materials.
  • Grant proposals and profit shares were submitted and established, respectively, to assist in the fundraising effort.


If you are looking for an additional way to support our cause, or meet our team, a profit share being done with Pluckers will result in up to 20% percentage of proceeds going towards our project. Make sure to tell your server before​ ordering that you are dining to support PUC Guatemala. 

  • Location: 2222 Rio Grande Austin, TX 78705.
  • Date: February 27th 
  • Time: 6pm - 12am


Thank you to all of our donors and supporters, old and new.  If more detailed information is desired, please feel free to e-mail us at for these inquiries!

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Volcán Tolimán

A donation of $25 could help buy toys and games for the children. We will send you updates of our progress over email!


Volcán Atitlán

A donation of $50 could buy a micro invertor for our solar energy system. We will thank you on our Facebook page!


Volcán de Agua

A donation of $100 can provide the children with basic necessities. We will give you an honorable mention on our PUC website!


Santa María

A donation of $500 can cover the cost of a 300W solar panel. We will send you a personalized thank you message from our team!



A donation of $1000 could cover a portion of our foundation. For your gracious donation, we will send you photo updates from the project site!


Volcán Tajumulco

Your donation of $2000 would cover a huge portion of our materials cost! For your extreme generosity, we will send you hand-made cards from the community in Guatemala!

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